Election Special, The Heron

Nerves make me downlaod PDFs I don't believe, that
to be legally a sausage there must be 38% meat, rigid
but free the statistics come like there above us
in the garden I grew up in the heron is a crank with
the accessory of a koi in its beak. Apparently when they
float to die like luminescent johnnies you can blow them
back to life with a straw - would you risk the red scales
jaffad in corpuscles on the walls just to watch it stare
through you for another two years before it flotsams side-up
again? The party called itself Green but there was nothing
naive in setting up The Farmer's Market beyond the clock
of the workers. The heron, snacked-up, blow's over -
                                                            light as an airfix


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