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On performance:

“McCabe’s softly Liverpudlian narration of his ‘pomes’ is unassuming but, like his poems, has an understated strength” (The Observer)

“the Jamboree’s packed and whooping audience would surely encourage you to seek both out” ( book and performance of Shad Thames; Londonist)

“The perfection of this production lay not only in McCabe’s highly accomplished, flowing text, but also in the intensity and command of the here and now” (on Shad Thames; Culture Wars)

“his Liverpudlian accent adds important texture and anecdotes offer valuable context, welcoming the listener into his strange world” (Exeunt Magazine on Southbank reading, November 2012)

“There is a shortage of political poets in the UK, and of funny poets, and of vital performers and poets who fascinate as well as innovate. Chris McCabe lessens all these deficits.” (Roddy Lumsden)

"I’m a big fan of Chris’s poems and never fail to be impressed with his ability to convey his complex and conceptual poetry to audiences through his performances. If you ever get a chance to hear him read I recommend you take it." (Ollie Dawson, Director of The Poetry School)

On writing:

“an impressively inventive survey of English in the early 21st century” (The Guardian)

 “Chris McCabe is a poet who takes risks” (The London Magazine)

“his poetry is raw, energetic and experimental” (The Times)

“McCabe upturns not so much the roots and fears of society’s evils but the language which begets, normalizes and justifies them” (Scottish Poetry Review)

“the pleasures of the text and of the world seem to defy the powers that be” (Poetry London)

“Chris McCabe’s Zeppelins is my poetry book of the year” (Jeremy Reed, Tears in the Fence)

“seems able to casually render huge political topics into small dense lines pregnant with meaning and humour” (Poetry Review)

 "Chris McCabe writes poetry that puts the music of everyday speech first, sweeping up matters contemporary, ironic, profound and downright funny in language you want to get your mouth around. Voracious, incisive, encompassing and always fresh, Chris breathes life back into the English language for us all." (Huffington Post)

"A formalist in a fresh way, Chris McCabe's 'play-poems' are compactions of history and place, manifestations of the violent struggle for identity towards which many of us are impelled." (John Kinsella on Speculatrix)

"McCabe positions himself in Speculatrix as a great writer of the modern-day City (capital C)...one of the most original contributions to British poetry in quite some time" (Dai George, Ambit)

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