new poem: talk to that

I've noticed a trend of people asking 'can you talk to that?' (rather than 'What are your thoughts?, or 'Can you say something about that?'). Maybe it's just a literary thing. Can you talk to that?


There came a point
    in human interactions
when people asked
       ‘Can you talk to that?’
not, ‘What are your thoughts?’
  or, ‘Can I have your view?’
or even, ‘What do you think?’
      but ‘Can you talk to that?’
the abstract became the object
   a mischief of rhetoric
 that removed the person 
      from the dialectic.
  ‘Can you talk to that?’
 What fractal was detached,
    what was the ‘that’
that wanted talking to?
       Heel boy, sit, sit,
  get back
talk now, talk to make it sit,
      the question has fleas!
Lice! Tics!
          Can you thought to that?
Can you think that?
     Can you take a that?
Can you talk
Can you talk to 
   Can        can you
Can you talk to that?


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