poetry tour of nunhead cemetery

Along with Tim Stevenson of the Friends of Nunhead Cemetery I'll be leading a tour of Nunhead's poets on Saturday 27th August 2016. The tour is free, all are welcome and there's no need to book in advance - simply turn up at the Linden Grove entrance at 2.15pm. I have some limited edition flyers that I can send on request; these include artwork by Sophie Herxheimer and were printed by Aldgate Press.

Nunhead tour flyer, artwork by Sophie Herxheimer

The tour comes out of my research for the second book in my ongoing project to map out the dead poets of London's Magnificent Seven cemeteries, with the first book In the Catacombs: a Summer Among the Dead Poets of West Norwood Cemetery being published by Penned in the Margins in 2014. I am hugely grateful to Arts Council England for Grants for the Arts funding which has allowed for me to find time to fully research the Victorian dead. The next book in the series is Cenotaph South: Mapping the Lost Poets of Nunhead Cemetery and will be published in November.

If you have any questions about the tour on the 27th August, or my overall project, please email me at mccabio17@gmail.com.


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