Tuesday, 1 December 2015


My short story Mud, a version of the Orpheus myth - involving a fake wizard, a camera crew, scallops that can speak and tonnes of mud - has just been published as an ebook by Galley Beggar in their Digital Singles series. It costs just £2 though you can become a member of their Singles Club and receive a story a month for just £12.

The air grew stronger as they got higher. All she could hear was the wind. A voice above her was repeating, Good. Good – keep moving – that's good, remember the air!

It occurred to her as she crawled that she didn't know what a pocket of air, in mud, actually looked like.

The voice shouted from the top of the hill:

– It's a wrap – we've got it!

Mud is available as an ebook from Galley Beggar for £2 here

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