speculatrix in 50 words + more

Not sure how many characters this contains - it may be enough for a few tweets - but very pleased with this review of Speculatrix in one of the Sunday broadsheets, courtesy of our leading literary critic Jeremy Noel-Tod

And delighted with David Caddy's blogpost for my favourite poetry magazine, Tears in the Fence:

"The apparatus of capital, sexual intrigue, notoriety and death, and the City of London echo through the taut and visceral musicality of the sonnets that are at the heart of Chris McCabe’s Speculatrix."

And Ollie Dawson, Director of the Poetry School, has put the launch of Speculatrix in a top ten list of  poetry gigs for 2014:

"the Speculatrix launch, in the depths of St John’s Crypt, Clerkenwell, was a fantastically eerie introduction to what promises to be Chris McCabe’s most ambitious work to-date."


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