Election Special, Lingua Franca

A monochrome snap of Ted Heath stared from under
the boiler for days, my pulse pounding boards
like a teenager looking for doors in a house of voils.
If anyone broke-in they would never find the bank
notes rolled within the veneered curves of the Russian
Dolls. Someone said that to make a genuine New Start
you need a to-scale Ark of animals & a green visor.
My wires were tangled in a basket of sugar - I'd spent
too long in a bad support network of the ridiculous.
She asked : is bilingualism an option for either sex?
Just try I said : the lingua franca is a dish of coins
and pasta twists. But eating cucumber & then the phone
book led to an aftertaste of ISBNs from books that hadn't
                                                             yet been written


Anonymous said…
Bloody spammers!

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