Last night as I was walking home
from Chadwell Heath Station -
after placing a pound on Latvian
Pirates to win Euroivison -
I walked past a man of about
sixty, back flat down in the grass
of a drive, legs locked over a small
brick wall. I thought he was dead,
between the paving stones & stars
about to start. No breathes came
from his chest - I asked : Are you
alright mate? His eyes opened &
he was saying something, my MP3
player still SHUTTING DOWN...
lips like sugar, sugared kisses
I said : Do you want a hand to
your feet mate? He nodded & lifted
an arm rigid as a dog's bone - I pulled
him up with one hand, he was that
light. On his feet, ridiculously vertical
to compensate for gravity, I asked :
Had a few scoops mate? All he heard
was my Scouse accent - his teeth
danced back into place to speak words :
Hairyufrom? I said Liverpool & he took
a step back into the overgrown drive.
I returned to the path & he turned to the
door of the house of the drive in which
he'd slept -
to find his bed or ask for help


Last night as I lay dreaming
of pleasant days gone by

to home i was a walking
from Chadwell Heath to home

i finally placed first aft
shipping in Latvian pounds

euro pirates who run: to wit:
Eurovison - our effin walking

out past the many hired hands
manos copy sixty nine pension

flat-pack flap poodles down
on gra agus siochainn,

drivers leg locked over small
bricked up thought he was dead,

between the paving stones
& stars about to start

breathing from chests to ask
editorial teams of:

"Are you alright eyes mate
open and something, MP three

still shutting down players
sugar coated lip sugar kiss

you wanting a hand to hold
up feats nodded & awokened

lift rigid armed bone - og
pulled up with one hand,

s/he was like that light
on this foot, ridiculous

vertical gravity, log enech compensate a few scops mate

sAll we heard diacritical
accented teeth, this scouse

dancing back, back, back in
to place words: speaking Ch

loe Poems live in Crosby bar
Hair and foam from Liverpool

took back into overstepped
groan drive back up to Speke

returned path turned doors
to the house of perceptive

practice drives in sleep
to find a perch -- bed, big

ask for muzzled whelps, aim
lower, the caste of scouser

abrakabara eating house, V.

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