In The Hole in the Wall, over lunch
on a Friday afternoon, after the Union
meeting on pay had been cancelled.
Smogmonster gets the round in -
Becks, Guinness, cider - then tells us
that when he was up in Management's
office he noticed that they had two
Union-related books on their shelves,
both smaller than A5 pamphlets. One
was called Negotiation Tactics & the
other Managing Chaos. Laughing into
the fresh pints Pityakker says the Union
should bring out a title of our own -
and call it Talking Cobblers


This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.
yah, McCabe, yizza disgrace to the WC and without keys to any bog i know in that concrete hell hole on the south bank of idaho

sinking spring farm
on a Kentucky dirt

road's whre the man

honest Abe
Honest Abe

was from...


Muckle is an angry man, and judging by his mugshot on the Jacket, and other information i have read: this is because he is passionate in his beliefs, and being working class, all three of us: if we are to get past first base intellectually; of agreeing we are all individual Human beings before any other shorthand to slot us off in the cultural coding and silent calibrational force of class and prejudice, which would seek Success, sir, lord, King dreamers whose inner desire indicates their measure and definition of what constitutes success, is flawed due to the fact, that in this model, Success means others having to fail for us to feel good about our own relationship with the Higher poewer of pure poetic force within each and every Human being on the planet.

Working class is also a shorthand for ...what?

the class system in the uk, is very simple, it is the monarch who is the Highest citizen of 56 million, officially, millions spent to keep this relationship and confusion, muted election promises, always on the back burner and the nettle of what it means to have a Live cultural conduit to....whatever soursce of Stae our individual mind creates as its own reality of the larger pictures of Us as single citizen within a democratic Monarchy, whose success, traditionally, has been bound up in the personal whims of the most privileged citizens on the planet; life long lottery winners whose ticket is the fact of their being, flesh, Live relationship top every citizen, formerly subject, who it is generally, silently accpeted that when about this mob, an act of deferral needs to take place...

we have to know and acknowledge it, our Human place in the political realty of, Sir and mister, rewarded for pleasing...who exactly?

gordon brown? no, the working class have not got passed first base of having belief, as they who do make it from the working class, the truest find a way to confer the equivalent of knighthoods and gings which pander to the imperial selfish wish of being picked out of the mass, and publically applauded as a role model of correct decorum for the Sir state of being, it seems -- most in the UK are happy with..

look at the politicians, tony, a plastic marxist millionaire, look at Dave, the new tone, sir Dave who is the tabla rosa we project our deepest Vision of good, fair, british play...

but beig WC and not that bright in print due to not being artists and writers, in the main, we do not realise the con, that it is the seemingly ooh, lets not go there things, which cause the lack of self worth and chips on shoulders we the WC have..

i found a text, 7C old irish attributed to Amergin, which purports to explain what poetry is and how it works, and it is a blueprint map a druidic-filidh bardic poet had, to guide them through the 12 yrs it took to become ollamh -- poetry professor -- top grade of seven and it really is a uniquely positive, holy grail almost, for the bluffer wanting to anchor their deepest self, upin.

It allows a way in to self enoblement, in the heaney sense of we the poet existing first, in our *own esteem*; whose kitsch parallel wld be, you have to love yourself before anyone else can... in, eloquence is the sole proof of poetic success, and this text by Amergin, offers that

so first things first, instead of not getting past first base, use the anger of others positively, to challenege ourself to write and outface whatever negative energy inprint has been expending directing itself directly to us as the Sole intended audience, as mister muckles does..

so i wld say, comeout chris and just blurt summat out, use the negative to make yr own positive go, another small step to eloquence, writing, Practice

gra agus siochainn
Lizard said…
No Muckle, why don't you fuck off instead you complete and utter prick. Evidently you miss the point of the whole blog and need to do some really basic research. I'm working class and the flaunting of what seems to be a massive complex for you is just plain embarrassing.The last thing "we" need is hung up tosspots like you who refuse to recognise valid debate and cross examination of ourselves.
John Muckle said…
Well, I must admit I find it slightly embarrassing myself, although it's definitely what I think - that any 'true' history of the working class has been traduced and rendered impossible by the numbers of imposters involved, by distortions of institutional and media discourses etc etc. Actually I asked him to take my words down, but he hasn't. I should learn my lesson. There's always some tosser lurking behind a pseudonym ready to snipe. At least I used my own name. I'm sick of mock sympathetic experts who've never been in a working class home, that's all. The post-war British working class were definitely betrayed by the education system. People I know who stayed out of it did far better.

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