Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Billy Smart's Circus is coming to town -
posters carousel shopwindows through Dagenham -
the clown is a mutant made from Michael Jackson
and Pappa Lazaru : his upturned nose says 'go',
the pleading whites of his eyes say 'come to me'.
In Romford Wetherspoons two young men
glyph a table with a London-to-scale map,
flicking beer from bottles with plans furtive as kingfishers.
Above them on the wall is a sketch of Romford Market
in early modern times and a tag that runs witout typo
RUMFORD, ESSEX - before the amphibian days
as a London Borough of Havering and one of the few
to still receive & accept - as community - the travelling circus

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Simon Barraclough, Isobel Dixon, Chris McCabe said...

How's it going Chris. Sorry to be a pest but you're 'tagged'. I don't really know any bloggers that well, so I just tried to find interesting sorts. Details here:

Cheers, Simon