Milton's grey eyes & locks look good in gloss
today (11 March 2008), I would not buy it
without the tactile stick - there is no lossy
to Paradise Lost if it is not in gloss. If Milton
as a boy wanted to read late his father made sure
the maid sat up with him until after Midnight
(& the litte monster had his first exposure to Spenser)
before the praxis of BACS of the Student Loans Co.
he retired after Universty for six years to his father's
Bucks estate to practice his poetic takes.
To prepare as a poet. To know before experience.
There was no such thing as being 'in his twenties'
no leisure of a Jenny Clownvag to distract from hs text.
No panacea for his grief when at last his words
went dark & wide into a world he could not see.

After three yeas at the Redbrick Uni I read through Friday
and then considered, that night, how the Giro would be spent.


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